Microblading Aftercare

Microblading can help you get the perfectly shaped and groomed eyebrows. Alphonse Beauty provides great microblading services and once you have done this procedure, you need to follow the aftercare instructions so that your eyebrows can be maintained.

What To Do Right After The Microblading Session:

Right after the session, your eyebrows will look extremely defined and they will actually be a little darker than how they will look after awhile. You may experience tenderness and redness within the first 12 hours of getting your eyebrows done. Within the next two days, the color of your brows will get a bit darker but this will change when the micro-scabbing falls out. At this point, the dead skin cells will fall off and then cell renewal will happen. Your eyebrows will then become lighter and their correct color will start to become visible.

Microblade Aftercare Instructions

  1. Use an antibacterial soap that is unscented to wash your eyebrow area and your hands.
  2. Apply a very thin layer of Aquaphore or A&D ointment to you eyebrow area. This should be done every day for three days and 2 to 3 times per day.
  3. Be careful not to submerge your eyebrows under water or in water for the next 7 to 10 days. This basically means you can’t go in a pool or tub for that period.
  4. Don’t put on any makeup on or around your eyebrow area for the next week.
  5. Even though your eyebrow area may be a little itchy, you absolutely cannot itch, pick or rub it until they are healed.
  6. Don’t go in a sauna or in the sun or try to tan within the next week.
  7. Make sure to use the ointment before you go to shower since this will provide a protective barrier.
  8. Scabbing will occur, however, do not pick the scabs. If you do, this will cause a very uneven pigment. You need to wait for 4 to 6 weeks before your brows are completely healed.
  9. If your eyebrows area or surrounding area becomes swollen, painful or even infected, then you need to get medical attention asap.

For The Next 30 Days:

You should avoid going in the sun or sunbathing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, light therapy, fruit acid, creams that have regeneration properties etc.

It is imperative that you avoid any sort of laser treatment in the eyebrow area since these can actually cause burns as well as destroy pigment.

Antibiotic use or hormonal treatments have to be avoided since these can cause the pigment to fade much faster.

You should protect your eyebrows with a high SPF sunscreen, after the 7 day period is up.

**After 6 weeks, a touch up session will be done to address any color loss. However, you will have to schedule your own appointment and there are additional charges for any other required services.
There is quite a high demand, so you should pre-book to ensure any required procedures are done as soon as possible.