Microblading FAQ’s

Answers To The Frequently Asked Questions On Microblading

What Will My First Microblading Appointment Be Like?

When you attend your first microblading session you’ll need to give yourself about 2 hours for it. That’s because it’s important not to rush the procedure. Before the microblading begins a numbing cream will be applied. There will also be a liquid anesthetic applied that is used to help you be as comfortable as possible. The artist who will perform the microblading will style and shape your brows to your satisfaction.

During the first hour, a facial measuring tool will be used and the desired shape will be drawn with a removable marker. This step is very important. It is where the artist and the client speak so that it is clearly understood what the customer wants for their facial structure. After the mapping is finished then the shape and color customization and a discussion on preference will take place. After the customer is fully satisfied with the different choices then the procedure will begin.

The customer will then have a follow-up visit. This will allow us to take a look at the results after it has healed. The faded areas will be looked at for color retention. It’ll take about six weeks after the original session to have the second session.

How Long Does It Take To Heal After Microblading?

After the procedure, it will take up to 14 days to heal. It’ll take about a month before the color sets in fully. In the initial 2 weeks, the color will be light. The skin will be a bit milky and opaque. It is sometimes called the milk skin and is something that happens commonly when tattooing. This happens because the tissue is healing from the inside which has that effect on the skin. The genuine color will appear after about a month when the skin completes its healing process.

Is It Necessary To Have A Touch Up After Microblading?

It will be necessary to have a touch-up. This will take place about six weeks after you have healed. During the first session, not all areas will pick up and that makes it necessary to refill those. The pigment color is likely to need adjustment and more strokes will be added as well. If someone has oily skin they may need some deeper shade when getting the touch-up. This is because the oils often lighten the pigment. The main reason for having a touch-up is to refine the brows so that they are perfect and so that they retain their color.

Is the Microblade process Painful?

Most consider the level of pain to be mild. Some even say they didn’t experience any pain. An anesthetic is used to numb the area where the work is being done and as necessary it’s reapplied during the procedure. Each person will have a different response to the anesthetic. Some say it’s like a cat lightly scratching them and others say they don’t feel anything. They say that it feels like having a very light sunburn.

How Long Will It Last After I’ve Completion

This process doesn’t put the pigments as deeply into the skin as regular tattoos do. This means that they will fade after enough time passes. In most cases, it will last at least one to three years. The length depends on certain factors such as skin type and the person’s age. How the person takes care of their skin afterward also plays a part and can extend the effect of the pigment.

If a patient likes to tan and they use certain products then it might cause the microblading to fade faster than it otherwise would. In the end, the rate at which they retain color will vary from one person to another. It’s recommended that a touch-up be done each 12 months to keep the brows looking their best.

Are There Any Risks involved?

Our office uses the correct precautions to provide a session that is safe. We use the best pigments along with medical-grade, one-time use, micro blades, and a fully sanitized environment. When clients follow our recommendations for their aftercare then the risks are very minimal. Allergic reactions to the pigments can happen but are extremely rare. Even so, it does happen to some individuals.

A patch test can be used with the pigment on individuals who have any concern that their skin may be sensitive. If they are sensitive to other products such as makeup, hair dyes, or metals like silver, gold, and nickel, then we will do the patch test.

What Happens If I Don’t Like The Results?

It’s necessary for a client to weigh the potential outcomes with the desired result. A client should take the time to fully understand the procedure before they make any final decision. At Alphonse Beauty, we will do everything possible to style and shape the eyebrows the way a customer wants and to their satisfaction. We don’t start anything until the client gives their consent and signs off on the design.

We will make every possible effort to achieve the appearance that the client wants but it’s necessary to know that it never is perfectly symmetrical. During the touch-up session if there is an uneven appearance it can be fixed. Corrections can be done to any pigment discoloration during a touch-up as well. The brows will fade over time which means other touch-ups will need to be done.

What Do I Need To Do To Make An Appointment?

It’ll be necessary to make a deposit when setting an appointment. If there needs to be a change to the schedule you have to give a 72-hour advanced notice. There are no refunds offered and we can refuse service to anyone we feel we need to. You should always read everything completely and understand the terms and conditions before making an appointment.