Getting Microblading Clients

Launching Your Microblading Business – Helpful Tips And Advice

Choosing to be self-employed or to start a business requires determination and confidence. And based on all the feedback we have received from people like yourself over the last few weeks, it is clear determination and confidence are not lacking. In fact, it is something worth getting excited over. Because after you finish your training and gain some experience, you are at liberty to spread your wings. It’s totally up to you to join an existing cosmetic business/studio/team, but then you wouldn’t be reading this article.

You want to start a microblading business of your own, which can be a very rewarding experience – if you do it right. The truth is that running a successful cosmetic business requires more than training courses and creative designs. Even a great deal of experience will not ensure your business is going to develop and become profitable. Why? Because there is a big difference between marketing and microblading. So, you can already call yourself a microblading expert. Now you just need to master the business part.

If this is the case, you are in very good company. This modest guide is going to cover the business aspects you should focus on. Where do you start? How do you get clients? These are just some of the questions you’ll get the answer to. But keep in mind that this will not be a walk in the park. Not only will you be going up against the established competition, but other entrepreneurs are strategizing too.

So, if you are serious about launching a profitable microblading business and gain clients, be prepared to think smart and implement the suggestions that follow. In addition to serving as fundamentals, they can help to put your business on the grid, as well as attract more clients.

  1. The Necessities
  • License requirements and insurance

Always pay attention to the license requirements in your state. And the same seriousness should go to getting the proper insurance in place. You should always be running a legit business at all times. Otherwise, you will have much more than marketing to worry about.

  • Create a portfolio

Even though training and experience are very important factors in this business, you are not going to attract attention by using your certification and a client list, which is something you still have to build. Instead, you need to be visually appealing. And the best way to get potential clients to notice you is through a strong portfolio. That means displaying your talents via photos of clients you worked on. Don’t have previous clients? Then consider asking friends or family to volunteer without having to pay. Alternatively, you can charge lower prices for clients willing to help you get a portfolio together.

  • Invest in quality photography

Stunning photos are much easier to take when you use a quality digital camera. And as a rule, before and after pictures should be part of the microblading process. You can keep things basic with a white background and some good lighting. And if you can only use a phone camera until you upgrade to a DSLR model, do the best with what you have. But make the switch when you get the opportunity.

  • Instagram profile

Assuming you are sticking to your phone camera due to a tight budget, use Instagram as a channel for more exposure. When it comes to microblading marketing, Instagram is your best friend. And it will only help you launch your business thanks to your extended reach of potential clients. But make sure visitors to your Instagram page can easily contact you after seeing your stunning photos.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to hashtag. If you don’t hashtag, the post is not going to serve any type of purpose. So, remember this throughout your posting sessions, and use relevant tags to microblading.

  1. Building Your Brand

It has become mandatory for entrepreneurs to brand themselves or their business. Due to the high level of competition, branding helps clients to remember you. And here are some great ways to help establish the brand for your microblading business.

  • Make a good first impression:

First impressions are very important, especially when it involves cosmetics. Even if you only offer microblading, your clients expect you to look good in general. This means meeting new clients while presenting your best side. Of course, you won’t get to control every first impression you make. But for the most part, it’s all you.

  • Professional headshots are more effective

While on the topic of making a good first impression, consider using professional headshots. As a business owner, you want to present a professional image. And you are not going to create a professional atmosphere with a selfie you took in the car. You need to show people you are serious about delivering the best microblading service they can find in the local area. And start with professional headshots.

  • Launch a website

Even though you can’t sell microblading online, a website remains incredibly powerful. The organic and passive exposure, the authority you can build, the clients you can retain, a website can be the center at all of these benefits. But what about coding, seeing as you are not a web developer? The good news is you can use user-friendly platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace to quickly set up your site. And it can look stunning if you put in just a little effort. The best part is that these platforms are either free-to-use or ridiculously affordable.

  • Find a good host

When you start a website, it is important to find a good host for the domain. A host makes your website reachable, and some can be problematic. For instance, the servers are often down, which means your site cannot be reached. Hence the reason for using a reputable host that doesn’t require you to break the bank, like WordPress or Bluehost. Both are affordable, very popular, and incredibly easy to use.

  • Invest in a premium theme if possible

Another crucial aspect for your website is to make it alluring. In other words, the theme you ultimately decide to use will play a big part in how much visitors enjoy the website. Now, you are looking at several free theme options through platforms like WordPress. And if you are working with a very tight budget, they are good enough to serve as a stepping stone. However, consider the premium themes like those on ThemeForest. You get a lot more options, and the designs are more unique, which really helps to establish your brand.

  • Personalize your email

Chances are you love your Gmail account, especially if you have been using it for several years now. But it simply doesn’t say “professional” when you use it for business purposes. Hence the reason for looking into other options, such as the personalization tools by yours truly, Google. At a very low price, you can personalize your Gmail account.

  • Focus on local searches through Google

In the old days, people had to drive around with maps to find places of interest. But these days, people know where they are going before they step out the front door – thanks to local Google business searches. It’s free, and it serves as a digital directory you have to be listed with. Include important info and contact details, while keeping this information updated at all times. Odds are your potential clients own at least one smartphone. This means they can find you in seconds, even when they weren’t aware of your existence before. In fact, if the budget allows, you can utilize Google Adwords for maximum search engine exposure.

  1. Marketing And Advertising

We finish this little guide with marketing and advertising advice. And one of the most important lessons to take out of this section involves going after your clients. Because if you don’t go to them, your business will remain what it is now – a concept. And that is the last thing any of us want!

  • Network and provide an incentive for referrals

Being an entrepreneur translates into being social. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a social butterfly. But if you are dependent on strangers to ultimately fund your business, learn to be approachable, positive, and confident. So, a good place to start networking is through face-to-face interactions with local salons, spas, and other cosmetic businesses. No, you are not asking for a job. But you could tell them you are starting a microblading business, and maybe negotiate a referral plan. For example, the business gets a small cut from the profit for each client they send your way. The point is to get out there and make connections.

  • Start small and close to home

While technology presents many great ways to generate exposure, word of mouth remains one of the most effective methods of marketing. Because when your best friend tells you about the most amazing microblading expert they used, you are likely to trust their judgment and try the expert yourself. Use this approach with family and friends. Chances are they support you the most at the moment, and they probably have no problem spreading the word. But give them something to brag about. Make their friends and family notice, which promotes a ripple effect. And before you know it, you are fully booked and in need of employees. Just never underestimate what quality service and word of mouth can do for your microblading business.

  • Show you have knowledge and experience

Consumer trust only becomes increasingly important as the clock ticks on. Thanks to privacy breaches and scammers constantly trying to rip people off, it is your job to make potential clients trust in what you say. More specifically, they need to know you are not just throwing empty promises at them. They also expect you to be honest in terms of what you are capable of. But how do you do this? Well, sharing your knowledge is one way to gain authority in your field. For example, if you can provide special or unique hints and tips on how to get the best results with microblading, it puts you in a leading position. And when you are in a leading position, clients will start to look up to you. Naturally, this is where you want to be with your business. When people talk about your brand, you also want them to talk about how creative and impressive the owner is.

  • Utilize social media

Yes, it’s time to get digital again. But there is no denying that social media has become somewhat essential in modern society. Almost everyone feels inclined to have at least one profile on a major platform like Facebook or Twitter, and you should use this knowledge to your advantage. Just like Instagram, create a social media platform that is trendy and worth taking note of. In other words, don’t just post random topics with the hope one will go viral. Instead, network like you would network with clients on the street. Try to be less aggressive and more relatable, because then potential clients will be motivated to listen.

It might sound like a lot of information to take in at once, but if you break it down into manageable sections it won’t seem nearly as intimidating. In fact, you will quickly realize that one good step promotes two or three more. And while they might not seem so significant now, business development takes time. Things are not going to happen overnight, which is a truth you should accept sooner rather than later. It’s a matter of sticking to your goals and following through.

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